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Part Number: SX70000
The U.S.SAWS Cut Vac - Crack Chaser is designed to route out random cracks in concrete before filling them with a repair material or sealant. This machine is used by concrete repair contractors as well as industrial floor coating contractors. The dust shroud completely covers the blade, so dust collection is superior when attached to the appropriate vacuum. This saw is perfect for indoor work where dust collection is critical. The Cut-Vac is constructed with an all-metal blade guard with a polycarbonate dust shroud that will hold up to abrasive concrete dust. It is powered by a Metabo 24-180 8,500 rpm grinder.

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U.S.SAWS Cut-Vac Assembly

Part Number: SX70000 

The U.S.SAWS Cut Vac is designed to clean out joints and cut and remove existing joint filler in a faster and more accurate cut. The hand-held saw makes for more of a versatile hand-held dust-free saw for routing random cracks, decorative concrete cutting, and joint clean-up. The joint cleanout saw max cutting depth is 1-1/8”.

The joint cleanout mill is perfect for indoor joint work because its up-cut rotation allows debris to be removed from joints as you move forward. The Cut Vac is a favorite among decorative concrete contractors and coating contractors for cutting termination cuts or honoring existing fittings in floor coatings.

  • Versatile hand-held dust-free saw for: routing random cracks, decorative concrete cutting and joint cleanout
  • Dolly mount (optional) for joint cleanout, straight-line cutting, decorative concrete
  • Attaches easily to dust collectors (sold separately) for a cleaner worksite
  • 1-1/8 maximum cutting depth with 8 blade
  • Adjustable depth shoe
  • Uses dry diamond blades
  • Assembly includes Metabo W24-180 grinder and shroud

U.S. SAWS Cut Vac Assembly Spec Sheet

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